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This Spartanburg auto auction group is not a customer friendly group.This group treatment of minority group is despicable.

The representatives and mostly the manager at this auction have no respect for their minority customers. In my present couple of times, I witness how they talk down to them and refer attending to white customers and play don't care attitude to others. Their system is so color coded that many of my white friends have taken notice. I would advise others to find friendlier auction to go to.

Stop going to this auction. There are lots of auto auction that are customers friendly out there. People go out there to spend their money, in so doing they need to be respected and not look down upon. You can be black, white, non-white; we need to stand up for one another.

Let us speak out about their gross disregard or disrespect to others. I am going to continue my quest for fairness. What honestly frustrates me is the manager manner of approach to other; she is very insensitive to others that are not of her color. I witness an interaction with a black person and I was disappointed by her approach, which made me to take this action.

I do not know the guy, but I felt very bad for him. Let us speak to the ills at Spartanburg auto auction in South Carolina. I will not stop until someone takes the necessary action to correct this.

We are all human beings, so let all be treated as such.Thanks

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Anderson, South Carolina, United States #733100

Upstate auto auction .spartanburg sc .

its used to be called soartanburg auto auction abd they shut down for reasons " u can ask them why ".I wouldn't buy or sell a car there . might not see your money again . sec: they are there to help big dealers get rid off there quik fixed junk cars .

the poor citizen will get stuck with a car that temporarily fixed and will probably break down with in a day or two .I would think twice before I go there if I was a dealer or not .

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #733096

it's called upstate auto auction now .and they r the same way as they used to be .

I don't recommend them to no one .i agree with what other peoe write about racism and u probably won't see your money again . that's why they shut down . plus most if the cars there won't make it to the gas station . dealers quik fix them and take them there for the poor citizens to get stuck with them and the auction supports the dealers against the poor citizen .

I wouldn't recommend this place to my enemy .honest citizen

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #626425

I agree with the rudemess there.The lady that works in Regrastion is Nasty with a bad attitude..

but the resttrent owner is awsome and has grreat food.He no relation to the workes at the auction..


:sigh Yes I agree also, not only are they rude.They sold me a car that I haven't been able to drive yet,except driving it to my home, and still haven't received title.

Needless to say THEY HAVE NOT HEARD THE LAST OF ME!!!!:(


I heard about their poor service from one of my friends who purchased car from them twice, now he goes to an Auto Auction in Summerville, South carolina and he stated the people are nice and very helpful. it is at 2521 W 5th North street I visited the location once and I think they are very nice. Try them some time.


They are horrible, with attitude and I stop going to their auto auction. I agree with you and let people put them on notice.

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